Monday, February 10, 2014

God is our loving Heavenly Father

Who is God?
The simple answer is that He is our loving Father in Heaven. He was with us before this life, so He knows us, and who we are and who our spirits were more than anyone else does. He is aware of our constant efforts to do good and to live like we think we should. He also knows what we can do, how we can love, and what we can say to help us to be happy! 
I know that my Father in Heaven loves me, and I know He loves you. I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. As members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we learn a special song while we're in primary. It's called "I am a Child of God" (You can listen to it here, or you can watch this adorable video that I LOVE here). It touches my heart when I hear small children singing this beautiful song. Think about it, children who know hardly anything about life know that they are children of an all knowing, all loving Father in Heaven! Lately, though, I've found such joy in hearing older people sing this song, especially people who have only recently come to the knowledge of their Father in Heaven, or of people who have a new understanding of Him and have started to build a relationship with Him. I asked my friend about his relationship with God, and he wrote his neat story of how He came to the knowledge of God and of God's restored gospel :)
 "I was a normal kid all my life, I never really believed in a God, or whatsoever, but I’ve always wondered if there may be a bigger power… I have never found an answer. As I have decided to become part of an exchange program to experience something new, a wonderful family in American Fork, Utah thought I’d fit in with their family and decided to become my American Host Family. I’ve enjoyed many wonderful experiences with them, that I’ve never had with my own family, I’ve felt loved and REALLY HAPPY, but I didn’t know why. 
Throughout the year I’ve heard a lot of talks during sacrament meeting in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about how the gospel brings them true happiness. I wondered what that meant…. 
Just a week before I would leave back to my home country, Switzerland, I was invited to AFY, which is like EFY, but just for the Youth of my former Stake I lived in. It was a really great time being with my friends for a last little while longer, and I enjoyed many more moments with them. 
During the Testimony meeting we were singing the EFY Medley of 2011, everyone started crying, and I felt really weird during that time because I didn’t know why, and what was going on. Moments later I felt this strong peace, warmth feeling inside of me, I’ve felt my hear grow 10000x bigger than its normal size, I was worried, but I have felt how the Spirit of the Holy Ghost had testified to me, He had answered my prayer of what is true in this world, where I should be, and what I should do. 
Ever since that day, I have been reminded that if we truly seek for truth, and ask Him with a sincere prayer. He will answer us. 
I know that my Heavenly Father loves me, NO MATTER WHAT I DO, He will unconditionally love me for all eternity, He has a plan for me, I have realized that His way is far greater than what I have planned in life for myself. He loves YOU too, even if you’ve never talked to Him before, He’ll listen if you pray. Amen."
I know that what my friend said was true. We have a Father in Heaven who loves us. We can find Him through prayer, through scripture study, and especially through living His commandments. He is always, ALWAYS there for you. You're never in a hole too deep that the Savior's atonement can't help you get out of, or that will make Heavenly Father love you less.
 If you have any questions, either ask them in the comments section of this post, or go here to invite missionaries to come to your house and teach you :) They're there to help you! Use them!

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